9 Charities in Charlotte You May Not Know About

Wednesday, June 26th, 2019 by Bryan Rainey

Living in or around Charlotte, you may want to give back to the community but not know how. The Junkluggers works with a variety of charities and donation centers in and around Charlotte and is always in search of more.

Here is a list of 9 local charities dedicated to serving our community that can help you achieve your donation goals.

#1 Humane Society of Charlotte


We’ve all seen stray cats and dogs and heard about animal abuse. It’s a problem no one likes to see. The Humane Society of Charlotte’s goal is to make sure Charlotte is a city where there are no homeless or unwanted animals.

They operate against euthanization for healthy animals and only resort to it if the animal’s quality of life is determined to be exceedingly poor or if the animal is a danger to the public. They offer services for the adoption, vaccination, behavioral counseling, neutering, and spaying of animals that come into their care.

You can support the Humane Society of Charlotte through monetary donations and volunteering. There’s no better place in Charlotte for helping pets that haven’t gotten the love they deserve.

#2 Beds for Kids


Beds for Kids has a simple goal; they want to provide a place to sleep for the thousands of children in Charlotte who don’t have a bed. They work their hardest to achieve this goal, but they don’t stop there.

They also want to provide furniture for kids and their families who are in need. Beds for Kids also refurbishes hardwood furniture that could easily be put to good use with a little love. Not many charities will accept beds in Charlotte, but as long as the mattress hasn’t expired and is in decent condition, Beds for Kids will give that bed a loving home.

They offer both pick-up and delivery for donated items. In addition to donating, you can also help this organization by volunteering your time. 

#3 MiraVia


MiraVia is a faith-based group with a heart for pregnant mothers and their children. They support all pregnant women and have no regard for economic status, social standing, religious affiliation, race, or age.

They do not receive any government funding and rely solely on what the community gives them with the promise to give back. There are plenty of volunteering opportunities including child care, teaching, administration assistance, and maintaining their facility.

You can also lend a hand by donating diapers, blankets, baby clothes, car seats (YES car seats), feminine hygiene products, and pretty much anything that would be helpful to an infant or pregnant mother.

#4 Cabarrus Victims Assistance Network (CVAN)


OK, so this one is in Cabarrus, but we wanted you to know about it.

CVAN is a place of refuge for women and children who are subjected to domestic abuse. They aim to create a world in which “every home is a safe home.”

They provide a 24-hour hotline and shelter for battered women. The main goal is to support, whether it be through the hotline, counseling, or the children’s program. CVAN supports women and children through the entire process of recovery from an abusive home environment.

While volunteering is an option, they also accept donations on two fronts. They are always looking for donations including food, cleaning supplies, paper towels, and other household items to directly assist the women's shelter.

CVAN also operates a thrift store that takes donations of clothes, accessories, household decor, and kitchenware.

#5 Project 658


Homelessness and family instability are things that anyone who lives in Charlotte has seen. Project 658 is a faith-based group that has seen this problem and wants to actively engage and fix it and the services they offer are expansive.

The primary focus of this group is refugee families. If a family needs medical aid, food, childcare or clothing, Project 658 provides it. They even go so far as to offer English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, job training, after-school programs, and other classes aimed at helping people grow to a level of self-sustainability.

If that wasn’t enough, they also work to make the community a more beautiful place for everyone to live in.

#6 Promising Pages


The goal of Promising Pages is to provide underserved kids with an opportunity at a brighter future through encouraging a love of reading. They do this through upcycling books, and as such are constantly in need of books. The more books they get the more kids they can help.

Their commitment to the Charlotte community has given them the ability to give away 100,000 free books each year. What’s great about Promising Pages is they do more than just collect and give away books.

On top of that, they also operate programs both throughout the school year and over summer break to serve kids as well as offer a summer internship to young adults that teaches them about running a nonprofit.

Those books sitting on your shelf from when you were a child could be put in the hands of kids today thanks to Promising Pages. This group is definitely one that you will want to read into.

#7 Charlotte Community Toolbank


Charlotte Community ToolBank is an awesome place to donate your working tools that have all the parts and pieces. The ToolBank lends out tools to groups and organizations such as schools, neighborhood associations, nonprofits, and charities whenever and for however long they are needed.

Anyone who has ever been through Charlotte knows how many projects are going on constantly, and thanks to Charlotte Community ToolBank a lot of those smaller projects are made a lot more manageable. They are always looking for new tools to be added to the bank.

So, if you haven’t touched your shed in years, Charlotte Community ToolBank is a great place to donate tools and free up some space. They also sell tools so you can build up your shop there too! Call them at 1-980-288-5848 to discuss your donation and set up a time to shop.

#8 Trips for Kids


These guys are great! Trips for Kids will take bikes of all shapes and sizes in any condition to provide a cycling experience for kids who otherwise wouldn’t be able to ride a bike.

Even if your bike is falling apart and you just have pieces, Trips for kids will gladly accept it and will strip it down for parts that can be used to build and restore other bicycles.

In addition to making the bikes, they also have programs that take kids mountain biking and rewards them for their behavior and performance in school. The kids are taught about bike safety and only ride at the difficulty level that matches their skill and comfort.

They really put the cycle in recycle! 

#9 Habitat for Humanity


This is one you might already be already aware of. They are not on this list because they aren’t known as a charity, rather because they take some things that you may not be aware of.

Because their goal is to build and improve homes and communities, one unique thing that they take is building supplies. Tiles, chandeliers, windows, cabinets, flooring, you name it.

If you’ve recently renovated your home or just have some leftover home building materials, Habitat for Humanity is a great place to get rid of that stuff, make sure it is used, and help out Charlotte.

If it can be used to help build homes, it’ll help Habitat for Humanity, and it will help Charlotte.

In Summary

If you have a desire to help a specific group in need, there’s a charity in Charlotte that shares your passion.

Unfortunately, most of these organizations don’t have the resources to offer pick-ups and finding time for you to make the trip can be difficult. Plus, there is no guarantee the donation partner can take everything you have.

You may have something extremely unique, big, or heavy that you can’t transport or get donated on your own. That’s where the Junkluggers come in.

Junkluggers works hard to get everything donated that we possibly can, and we always have the time, space, and muscle to get your items donated.

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