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Hauling Junk for a Good Cause

Our furniture donation pick up services help you give back

We strive to donate as many of your items that we lug away as possible. Not only is this beneficial to your local community, as those in need receive much-needed furniture, clothing, and other items; it is also great for the environment. By donating your unwanted possessions, we are keeping useful items out of landfills. Last year alone we managed to keep over ten million pounds of junk out of the landfill as part of our large furniture donation pick up services.

Included in that 10,000,000 pounds of would-be garbage were:

  • Couches donated to formerly homeless veterans
  • Toys donated to children
  • Shoes donated to the homeless

Not only are your items going to a great cause, but you are also benefiting in the form of a tax-deductible receipt! You pay us to donate large furniture and remove your items, and for your part in choosing an eco-friendly solution to your junk removal needs, we are happy to pay it forward and pass along the savings to you. The tax-deductible receipt can sometimes off-set most of the cost of our large furniture donation pick up services, depending on the items we are able to donate on your behalf!

Charities We Work With:

  • Salvation Army Logo
    Salvation Army

    The Salvation Army has many facets, but we primarily work with The Salvation Army Family Stores which are the core of their Adult Rehabilitation Center philosophy. The Salvation Army community stores provide quality clothing, furniture, and other goods at bargain prices. The proceeds from these stores are used to fund their Adult Rehabilitation Centers which are thus self-sustaining. The Salvation Army helps employ rehabilitating adults in their Family Stores which provide great deals and bargain prices on clothing, furniture, household goods, sporting equipment, books, electronics, and much more.

  • Habitat for Humanity Logo
    Habitat for Humanity

    Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization working throughout the world to help provide everyone with a decent place to live. Families in need of affordable and quality housing apply to their local Habitat for Humanity and if approved they work alongside other volunteers to build their own home. Habitat for Humanity also renovates homes, helps people repair their own homes, and advocates for affordable housing around the world.

  • Goodwill/Goodwill Industries Logo
    Goodwill/Goodwill Industries

    Goodwill/Goodwill Industries is a nationwide organization with the mission of putting people to work. Goodwill's Retail Services collect donated clothing and household goods, then sells the items in their stores for affordable prices. Revenue from sales of donated items provides funding for vocational training and other programs and services that Goodwill offers. It is important to note that 93 cents of every dollar they spend goes directly to their programs and services. Goodwill is consistently ranked among top charities that make your donation go further.

  • Project658 Logo

    Project658 is a Christ-centered ministry dedicated to serving their neighbors. In particular, they focus on providing at-risk families, particularly international and refugee communities, with relief, reform, development, and service. Some of the ways they help these families include providing free meals, essential blankets & coats, childcare, after school enrichment programs, ESL (English as a Second Language) classes, job training, and community beautification.

  • Best for Kids Logo
    Beds for Kids

    Beds for Kids is a nonprofit organization based in Charlotte that is dedicated to providing beds and other pieces of furniture to children and families in need. Referral agencies direct them to families in need and then Beds for Kids delivers gently used furniture to the home and help the family set things up.

  • The Humane Society of Charlotte
    The Humane Society of Charlotte

    The Humane Society of Charlotte is devoted to improving the world by helping homeless animals find new homes. The Humane Society of Charlotte has a no-kill philosophy and is proud to say that they have a live release rate of 99.9% for animals that come into their care. Here in Charlotte, they aim to foster a community where animal lives are valued and all animals can find homes.  

  • Charlotte Community Toolbank Logo
    Charlotte Community Toolbank

    The Charlotte Community Toolbank is a nonprofit tool lending program. They maintain a massive warehouse filled with tools of all kinds that they lend to charitable organizations in the area so that those organizations don't need to incur the costly expense of purchasing and maintaining their own tools. In other words, they are a charity focused on helping other charities accomplish their missions. 

  • Charlotte Community Toolbank Logo
    Toys for Tots

    The Marine Toys for Tots Program is dedicated to collecting new, unwrapped toys to provide the perfect gifts for America's less fortunate children at Christmas. Our children are an important part of America, and this program seeks to bring joy to the least fortunate and most economically disadvantaged among them.

  • Trips for Kids Logo
    Trips for Kids

    Trips for Kids strives to help every kid experience the joys of riding a bike and the natural world. They offer a wide range of programs dedicated to accomplishing this goal including the Ride Program, which takes cyclists on Saturday morning rides through beautiful forests, and the Earn-A-Bike program, which lets kids earn their very own bike.

  • Promising Pages Logo
    Promising Pages

    Promising Pages is a nonprofit helping underserved children grow a lifelong love of reading. Studies show that illiterate children are at a far higher risk of dropping out of high school. In order to combat this sad reality, Promising Pages runs innovative literacy programs and donates free books to help children at risk.

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